The Common Thread Preset Collection

The Common Thread Preset Collection


“These presets are genius! How have I not purchased these before!? I’m so excited to continue to play around with them, I haven’t been this excited about something in a long time!”

- Carrie Hauck

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This preset collection was created with heart by a mama who has big dreams of staying at home with her baby by giving the gift of beautifully edited photos & photo-editing confidence to people everywhere!

The matte moodiness these presets add to any photo instantly takes them to another level! These presets were created to give your photos a brown-toned de-saturated feel while still maintaining depth. Create images that pop in less than 30 seconds (the dream, am I right?)!  And hey, an aesthetically cohesive Instagram feed is a bonus, too! But seriously your IG is about to get a major facelift!

The heart behind this collection is that everyone, no matter the setting, lighting, or device used, has the ability to capture and create stunning images they are proud of. Your memories deserve to be captured as you see them in your heart, these presets will bring that vision to life no matter what the original photo may look like. 




  • 1 Installation + Usage Guide | CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO

  • The link to the password protected webpage where the .DNG files (the presets) can be accessed, opened via Dropbox and copied directly into Lightroom Mobile

  • Four .DNG files that you can copy + paste settings from (these are your presets)



1. Add the collection to your cart & check out
2. Once your purchase is complete, you'll receive a confirmation e-mail, as well as, an e-mail with the usage guide in it. (THIS IS THE ONLY DIGITAL PRODUCT YOU ARE ACTUALLY RECEIVING)
3. You're all set! Carefully read and follow the directions in the instructional guide. If you need further help, reference the video tutorial below. Technology can be tricky sometimes and often has a mind of it's own, so if you run into any weird issues, please don't hesitate to direct message me on Instagram and I will be more than happy to walk you through your issue and help you resolve it!



  • These presets have been created specifically for use with Lightroom Mobile ONLY. They are not compatible with the desktop version of Lightroom CC.

  • They can be downloaded directly onto your smartphone via the dropbox link included in the Installation + Usage Guide.

  • Be sure to download the Installation + Usage Guide within 24 hours from the time of purchase, as it will expire within that time frame.

  • Your file will be available for download once payment is confirmed

  • Please note that your purchase is strictly digital and no physical product will be sent

  • If you have any problems accessing, exporting, or using your presets, feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram.




Please note that while these presets were created and tested to work with all photos, they may need some minimal adjusting to look their best. Remember: a preset is merely the first step towards your final image, once applied, you need to take the next step and tweak it until it reaches it’s intended aesthetic. They work beautifully in both well lit and low light settings but may need to be tweaked to perfection. The Installation + Usage Guide will let you know what I recommend adjusting to achieve the best image possible. *hint... your exposure slider sliders is going to be your bestie!*



  • Because this is a digital download, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued.

  • Any illegal distribution or re-sale of the presets is strictly prohibited.

  • These presets are copyright protected and are intended to be accessed by a single user only

  • You agree to Terms of Use upon purchase

  • Finished images must never be exported and delivered as layered digital files, they must remain flattened jpeg images upon export

  • These presets are property of Chelsea Lybeck Photography. Should they be claimed as someone else's work, legal action will be taken.



Thank you so much for supporting me, my family, and my dream to stay at home with my baby. I cherish you… and I don’t even know you! I don’t have to though, to be thankful and excited!

Don’t forget to tag me (@lovelylittlelybecks) in your edited images so I can see your beautiful photos, and use the hashtag #chelsealybeckpresets for the chance to be featured in my stories!

Love you all very much!


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